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Natural resources regulated by Local, State and Federal agencies pose constraints for nearly every development project. CLA has extensive experience in identifying these constraints and effectively managing the project design and permitting processes in tandem to achieve the desired results in a timely manner. By using existing, digital environmental data, CLA can effectively pre-screen sites for suitability. CLA also maintains knowledge of environmental regulations and ongoing liaison with regulatory agencies so that we can provide clients with up front information on permitting requirements and time frames. CLA’s areas of expertise include the broad range of ecological and environmental disciplines needed for successful completion of our clients’ projects.

Permitting & Environmental Documentation Experience

  • Local Wetland Permitting
  • CTDEP Wetland Permitting
  • CTDEP Water Diversion Permitting
  • CTDEP Stream Channel Encroachment Permitting
  • CTDEP Office of Long Island Sound Permitting
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Permitting
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Impact Statements
  • Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) Environmental Impact Statements
  • Storm Water Permitting and Management.

Areas of Expertise

  • Wetland Delineation
  • Wetland Functional Assessment
  • Vernal Pool Determinations and Studies
  • Pre-Development Environmental Constraints Analysis
  • Wildlife Studies
  • Wetland Mitigation Design and Monitoring
  • Soils Mapping and Studies
  • Test pit Analysis Septic Design
  • Falling Head Soil Permeability Analysis
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Analysis
  • Transmission Line Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Analysis for Connecticut Siting Council Applications (Power Generating Plant and Communications Towers)
  • Construction Inspection and Sedimentation and Erosion Control Monitoring
  • Golf Course Permitting
  • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring (Surface and subsurface)
  • Geographic Information Systems Environmental Analysis

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Robert C. Russo, C.S.S., Soil Scientist/Environmental Scientist

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