Our History

Through our history at CLA we have prided ourselves on the belief that cooperation, coordination and communication are as important as our technological expertise.

Our history began 1984 with our Incorporation as a consulting engineering firm specializing in all aspects of Civil Engineering. We’re located in Norwich at 317 Main Street. We are a medium size firm and thus we have the staffing available to be responsive to our clients and to involve the direct participation of our principals.

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Our History

Throughout our history, we have grown in our consulting services to include civil, structural, inspection and surveying for numerous private, institutional, public, commercial and industrial clients.

We have grown through our history while focusing on maintaining an adequate staff level. It’s important that we can respond to the needs of our various clients and their specific project requirements. 

CLA Engineers, Inc. is a corporate member of the U.S. Green Building Council, founder and administrator of the LEED Green Building Rating System.

What we have learned in our history.

Our firm is organized into several teams, each led by a principal. This method of operation allows decisions to be made quickly. We have brought these basic standards to our projects.  We believe that cooperation, coordination and communication are as important as technological expertise and ability.

While we have progressed throughout our history and broadened our engineering experience and the complexity of  our projects. We have developed relationships with several associated firms providing. These relationships help us to offer services for wetland, geotech, landscaping, traffic, environmental and planning.

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